May 6, 2015

Bollywood Celebrities Reaction On Salman Khan Verdict


Bollywood Celebrities Reaction On Salman Verdict

Music composer Wajid Ali, a close friend of Salman, said, "This is a very sad moment. I am shocked at the verdict. Salman bhai is a simple and real man. I hope he will take it in the right spirit.
"It was an accident which can happen with anyone on an unfortunate day. Salman's name has made this case popular. He paid the price of being a celebrity," said Ali, who had composed music for some of Salman's films.

Actress and BJP MP Hema Malini said she was praying that the actor gets a lesser sentence.
"Feeling very sad. Will pray for lesser imprisonment for Salman. My sympathy with Salman and his family," she said.
Actor Shakti Kapoor said he was saddened by the verdict.
"However, a law is a law. This is unfortunate. Salman's family are law-abiding citizens and they have already undergone 13 years of mental torture. His philanthropic work is well known and he is known to help the needy people," he said.
Here is what Bollywood celebrities tweeted on Salman's conviction.



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