Dec 30, 2014

Dhoni Farewell Test Speech | Dhoni Final Test


 Dhoni Farewell Test Speech | Dhoni Final Test

"Quite happy with the draw. Could have ended in a mess on the last day," says MS Dhoni. "

The bowlers really bowled well, especially in the second innings. I don't really want to comment on (declaration). If your batsman reaches 90 than you have to wait for him. We have found ways to trouble ourselves.

We have got good partnerships in all tests, but we play loose shots. If you are playing well, then you need to carry the momentum forward. It was a bit slow (pitch) in the last hour and you feel the pressure. It was a fantastic display (Rahane-Kohli stand). Especially, because both of them looked to attack the bowling. Secondly, they both made sure they converted it to a big hundred.

We need a bit of time. it's new side, not everyone is experienced. Over the last six months, they are getting better. It is a matter of time before we start delivering.

We don't have an allrounder, but I am happy the way the bowlers bowled in my last test" 

 Final Test Speech


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