Sep 26, 2014

Funny Latest Jokes On India Mars Mission


Reaction after india's succesful mars mission :-

Alia bhatt = Ab 'MARS' wali chocolate aur bhi sasti ho jayegi..

Rahul gandhi = Mein mars se chunav ladunga...

Priyanka Gandhi = We should change the name of mars to Rajiv Gandhi Lal Grah..

Anil ambani = my ipl team cricketers will be from MARS. i will name it after my wife's name


Sonia Gandhi = Martians should be declared as Minorities...

Kejriwal = It is illegal step by Modi's government to conquer mars. Hum MARS par dharna karenge..

Geelani = We want Mars free from India...

Chidambaram = Mars is a Special Economic Zone area. It Should be given to Robert vadera

And the best statement comes from pakistan

Bilawal Bhutto = Hum Mars ka ek ek inch bharat se le lenge ....



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